Pediatrics Moncton clinic

Congenial Torticollis

If your baby has been diagnosed with a left torticollis which means that you baby prefers to look to his/her right with a tilt to the left. And vise versa for a right torticollis. We can help corrected it with a hand full of strategies/exercises that will stimulate your baby.

Gross motor control developmental

Infant or toddler sometimes have movement difficulties (rolling, crawling, walking, squatting) and may need help acquiring and improving these skills.

Most common Gross motor control developmental issues or delay seen in clinic

  • In-toeing walking patter (pigeon walking) or out-toeing
  • Walking on toes
  • Not walking past 18 months
  • Not crawling
  • Generalised joint laxity
  • Low muscle tone

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